• Nick Lloyd Music

    Nick Lloyd Music

    A portfolio site using Wordpress as the back end and content management tool. The design, imaging and development is my own work.

    The client’s specifications were for a simple, clean looking site to showcase his work to potential clients. The core of the site is the showreel section that features a jukebox which presents his work in both video and audio formats.

    The client was extremely pleased with the result but needed his work to be divided into individual pages that had search engine friendly URLs. With the aid of a few plugins I was able to get this site functioning as a mu

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  • Featherton House

    Featherton House

    Overview This site uses wordpress as the back office and content management tool. All of the design and development is my work.

    Featherton House is a respected and long established care home for retired persons. The home gained its good reputation by actively encouraging the residents to participate in social activities and excursions. The house is a Georgian building is in a picturesque part of England. It has a top rating from the UK's care home authority. The brief was for a site that acts as an online brochure for the home.

    After researching the subject and looking at many other s

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  • Click Shelving

    Click Shelving

    As well as designing this site I sourced materials then planned the product manufacturing, costings/profit margins and order fulfilment system.

    There are several interesting features on the site: All of the graphics are 3D models that I made and rendered in Cinema 4D. To make the models of shelf brackets and assorted fittings I had to work from old technical drawings, they were made in the 1970s so no digital versions were available. I took the "old school" approach and scanned the drawings. I then used these as backgrounds in C4D and traced the outlines.

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  • Just Ladders

    Just Ladders

    Just Ladders I designed this site whilst working for Leofric Buildings in 2009. The company had decided to extend their ecommerce operations and product range. Initially they were only selling items on Ebay. As i started the project I only had a manufacturers brochure to work from.

    Once I had designed and built the shell using scans from the brochure as illustrations the first shipment of ladders arrived. I then catalogued and photographed the ladders. A lot of time was spent editing the photographs, each ladder had to be "cut out" and saved as a .png with transparent background.

    I t

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  • Pad Thai Villa

    Pad Thai Villa

    I was approached by the owner of a property in Koh Samui, Thailand. He had bought a piece of land and was in the process of having a holiday home built. He intended to let the property out once it was completed and wanted a site that he could send potential customers to.

    I was supplied with a cd of images and a specifications document. I designed the basic shell, put the site online and sent the owner a link. He then provided me with further copy and I refined the site's textual content. Over the following months the client visited Thailand and came back with a variety of photographs whi

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  • tunes.co.uk


    Tunes.co.uk was an online record store set up by myself and two business partners in 1998. I designed the site and managed the business until 2007. At its peak the site attracted 20,000 vistors per day.

    My partner built the shopping cart and content management system from scratch using Mysql for the database and embedded perl as the templating language. It was the first site I fully converted to use CSS based layout in 2003/4.

    All the pages on the site are generated from database queries. the pages have search engine friendly short (virtual) URLs. The majority of our users found us

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  • Groupe Consultatif

    Groupe Consultatif

    I was asked to rewrite the code for this site as it was still in tables. The site also needed a re-design, the graphics were of poor quality and the colours were not all pleasant (especially the saturated blue!). My client supplied me with and .eps file of the logo which I used as the basis of the colour scheme. I made a bitmap copy of the logo and imported it into Corel Photo Paint. I then made a mock up of the layout and played around until I had a rough idea of what I wanted to achieve with the design. I wanted a clean corporate look with clear page titles and simple navigation.

    The n

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I have been designing, building and managing websites since 1995. I currently work as a freelancer but am also interested in full time and contract work.

I have been working on this site for a few weeks and am busy adding and organising the content. As well as my portfolio you can find snippets of work and information on what inspires me as a designer.

Web design is a passion of mine, when I am not working I like to experiment with concepts and techniques. You can find some recent examples under “bits & pieces”.

All of my work is coded “by hand” and I test everything I do in all the major browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

You can read more about myself on my about page.

Web Fonts

The following text is not an image. Need proof? Just copy and paste it. If you are using Internet Explorer you will not see the correct font.

This font is called

Braeside Lumberboy

Web fonts, what a great idea but no-one uses them. Yet. Give it a couple of years and we’ll see web fonts everywhere. As well as the lack of IE support there’s a loading problem. Reload this page in Firefox and you’ll see the font change from arial to braeside. Try it out in Google’s Chrome browser and there is no such problem. I am no Google fanboi but Chrome is starting to make Firefox look dated. Chrome loads pages with impressive speed.

view the source code»

<style type="text/css">
@font-face {
    font-family: braeside;
    src: url('http://robendersby.com/fonts/BRAESIDE.ttf');
h4 { font-family: braeside, sans-serif;font-size:50px }
h5 { font-family: braeside, sans-serif;font-size:70px;margin:20px }
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Video Jukebox

About the jukebox»

This is a Flash plugin that I have used a few times. The music clips are from my dvd collection and feature some of my favourites.
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Image caption with sliding notes

Lambretta SX200 read details»

What a beauty! I adore the styling of the SX200, a classic amongst scooters. The photo was taken in Italy, I like the contrast between the craftsmanship of the carved door and the sleek lines of the scooter.

The idea for the CSS is to show an image caption in a contemporary style and to display further information. Screen “real estate” should never be squandered and I think this a is good way of preserving it.

The slider is a plugin written in Jquery (javascript), I find it very useful and it is featured in several of my posts/pages.

The Lambretta SX200, or SpecialX200, was Lambretta’s top of the range scooter, with 20,783 scooters manufactured from Jan 1966 – Jan 1969. Though not the rarest of the Series 3 Lambrettas, the SX200 still continues to be among the most popular and desirable scooters owing to its classic, if not unique styling.
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